What's New in September 2017                

Monday September 4     Labour Day             Closed

Breaking News

On Wednesday August 23 I slipped going down a gravelly hill and hurt my ankle.  The doctor thinks it may be broken but will have a better idea when I have another xray in a week. That means I have to stay off the foot and, to me, that is a slow down.  We have such a fantastic team working at the store that you will be well served by them.  They are taking wonderful care of me! And Nellie!!

Fall Fun Run

Wednesday September 27
Thursday September 28 to 8 pm
Friday and Saturday September 29 and 30

This year we are trying something different for our fall fundraiser open house.  Kalidoscope in Exeter is joining The Marsh Store and Sew Creative for the Fall Fun Run.  Gather a car load and have some fun!

Begin at any of the shops.  Donate $5 at that shop (to their chosen cause) and receive a Tour Guide.  Follow the Tour Guide directions to find an answer or do an activity as you go from shop to shop.  Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult!

At each shop, if you are participating and fill in the tour guide, you will have the chance to play a game to win a discount of 10, 15 or 20% off your purchases at the shop that day. 

Each shop will feature new fabrics, classes and events happening this fall.

September News

Fall fabrics are on display with projects and ideas. 
Christmas fabrics are ready for sewing.  Start your gifts early!!

Check out our Facebook page to see what is happening in the store. 

Classes and Clubs

Border Creek Mystery Quilt 2017-18

The planning binder just arrived so I will have all the information for Fall Fun Run.  There will be an in store display with fabrics and costs.  If you want to check us on Facebook, I will post a photo of the fabrics. 

Book a Class:  There are more quilters booking the class they want at a convenient time.  Drop in and see us if there is something you want to do.  There several bags classes to join or we can book one to fit your schedule.


















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